Highly Skilled Professionals

Our employees have 10+ years of experience in CFD&BEM modeling as pertaining to the thermal comfort study, as well as 5+ years of experience in energy simulation. We are also specialized in HVAC systems and keep continuous track of cutting edge design decisions both in Russia and abroad.

Comprehensive Approach

Our goal is an ultimate top-notch engineering product, rather than mathematics detached from fundamentals of design and construction. In the process, we take multiple factors into account, therefore, our solutions and recommendations do naturally complement the project.

High Complexity Projects

It is high complexity projects that serve as a calling card of our company. In-depth development of any task at hand, best practices and lessons learned allow us to perform modeling and studies to the highest standard and within a time frame reasonable for the design process.

CFD&BEM modeling objects

Thermal comfort study in the premises of a newly-built Simferopol Airport Terminal

Energy simulation of Skolkovo is a super market with neighboring premises

CFD&BEM modeling of the Data Center computer rooms in the Czech Republic

CFD&BEM modeling of wind load on a high-rise building


MM-Technologies is a unique organization specialized in rendering services for CFD&BEM modeling of velocity, temperature, humidity and concentration fields of an air environment and energy modeling of utility systems of a building. Our employees have 10+ years of experience in modeling accumulated as part of design and installation organizations. With this in mind, the philosophy of our team of engineers is based on understanding of the need to not only merely obtain an opinion as the reference HVAC design, but also to receive specific recommendations on its improvement or correction using easy-to-handle and most cost efficient aids.

Extensive track record in this regard allowed us to accumulate adequate experience in HVAC systems of large-volume and high-load premises.

Nowadays, the company’s portfolio is notable for such hallmarks as the newly-built Simferopol Airport (thermal comfort study of most public spaces of the airport terminal, energy modeling of the whole building), largest IKEA distribution center in Europe (CFD&BEM modeling), Data Center in the Czech Republic (CFD modeling and energy simulation), “Petr and Ekaterina” group of buildings (wind load building aerodynamics), Skolkovo Innovation Center building (energy modeling).

Moreover, we are entrusted to organize uninterrupted power supply of self-contained space laboratories, the experimental investigation of which can not be simulated under terrestrial gravity conditions (e.g., BION-M2 project).

As part of our company’s normal activities, we have been cooperating with the city’s leading scientific and industrial organizations – Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering and the Laboratory of Aerodynamics and Acoustics of Arktos plant. Our employees are engaged in R&D activities involving current construction trends, as well as conduct experimental investigations of previously unknown physical effects.

Contact us to receive tailor-made services that will certainly add value to any project, namely:

CFD&BEM modeling of thermal comfort in premises (CFD modeling)

Energy modeling of buildings (BEM modeling)

Expert HVAC design testing

CFD&BEM modeling of airflows in the Data Center computer rooms

Building aerodynamics of wind load on buildings

Evaluation of aerodynamic comfort in the pedestrian area

Expert investigation of operational HVAC systems, addressing issues related to thermal comfort

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